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We like to restore your old objects !

Don't chuck it out, be creative and rebuild your rusty art piece or furniture. I enjoy bringing back to lift nice old well fabricated items such as fireplace, park benches, antique railings.

restaured old chest into a table with glass top

Before restauration of antique gateAfter the restaurarion of an antique gate

Your forged fencing was damaged... Get a quote to bring it back to it's original value.

We have done several fencing copies and restoration to like original value. Don't allow yourself to be under evaluated by insurance companies.

Got some old furniture in the garden - give it a second life !

May it be your old cast iron park bench or even that 20 years old hand made fireplace - restore them because you will not find originality and such good craftsmanship in the new stuff !

Restauration of park benches

Before the restoration of these old park benches